Maryborough rifle club Victoria

Anyone here know anything about the VRA Club at Maryborough, ive shot there years ago, but theres no contact details, and the VRA message service appears unmanned.
Wouldnt mind taking the Omark for a run in the coming months. Its the closest fullbore range to me, Castlemaine being the next closest. I wouldn’t mind supporting a struggling club, which i think Maryborough may well be…

You will only get through to the VRA when the shop is open. Not sure about the clubs that side of town sorry. Castlemaine is also a struggling club I believe. You have Bendigo near by and could shoot there with three clubs. Vic Pol on Thursdays, south bendigo, and Bendigo. Check for times.

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Thanks mate, for me it will be Castlemaine or Maryborough…Great lot of blokes at the Maine…just dont hear anything about Maryborough anymore. Castlemaine also hold the Military shoots which i like, too.