Martini Enfield markings

Do any of you legends know much about martini marking?
I sort of know what some are but most of the markings are a mystery to me.

It’s been proofed, accepted, and sold out of service. Based on the stamps. What’s there not to understand? Clear English, mate.

Here you go:

There’s more under the stock. I love this stuff. It’s like deciphering history. You’ll find all your stamps there.

Thanks mate

Your buttstock shows Australian D arrow D acceptance over rack number, stamped over original British issue marks. The roundell next to the brass disk is typical Enfield. Being a Mk II rifle, I am interested to see the muzzle end to see what bayonet mountings are there, Cheers.

Firstly thanks for the info guys.

Here’s the business end mate

Take it all apart and soak in WD40 for a week, then scrubba-scrubba, will be as good as new! Well, almost. As new as a 10yo gun can be :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the pics Gun-Dmc,
The reason I asked is that a small number of M-E MkII in Australian service were modified to take the Pattern 1888 bayonet, and these are quite scarce. Yours is normal and mounts the Pattern 1895 socket bayonet, Cheers.

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Not mine, but looks like it would be a nice addition for someone…

Strange to see one in 45/70.

Would be a good fun plinker. You should buy it!

I’ve actually got my eye on this

Im at a bit of a loss as to if they’re fair prices or not though…

If they are in good condition like they say then the prices seem ok to me.
You should buy both of them!

I wish. One might find it’s place next to my .310 cadet.

Does that mean it might have been rechambered or just a bit on the uncommon side?

Probably has a chamber insert fitted. I have a RUC carbine that has been converted like that. Shoots OK.

So unlikely to be original? Can you define “shoots OK”? Doe that mean somethings a bit nasty? … I’d prefer something that has been fiddled with…

G’day Bent_arrow,
Definitely not original, but some were converted in the US due to the impossibility of finding good ammo. By OK, I mean it loads factory ammo, can hit a 20L bucket at 100 yards, and extracts (I have an SX in the carbine, but a standard extractor should work also) Some were “rumoured” to have been converted after capture by the Fenians to make use of donated American ammo, but no record of this exists. All I can say on it is my Royal Irish Constabulary carbine came from Fermanagh already in 45-70, but a lot of water under the bridge since it was made. I personally would like to see the price a bit shorter for a converted rifle, but I feel it would be as much fun as mine and you have to value it with that in mind, Cheers.

Thanks. I did a bit of googling and youtubing last night and have a better understanding of what’s going on here. Are there any specific red flags (purchase stoppers) to look out for?

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Thanks again for your wisdom mate.
So far these are some of the things I’ve ascertained about the old girl.
It was originally an 1875 London small arms co. Martini Henry. Converted in 1900 into it’s M.E 303 mk2 configuration.