Marshall government considering stronger firearm laws


Any SA folks here to keep us posted?

That stash was just over the hill from me… Early days yet, we will see soon what this might mean. The talk on the radio yesterday was along the lines of “we already have the best gun laws in Australia and that most gun owners are doing the right thing” Hopefully it finally translates to a serious crackdown on those doing the wrong thing, and a better screening process to get a licence, rather than an excuse to bring in some more laws that don’t make anyone any safer.

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There was a few lines on the front pafe of the local rag this week. Investigation started after allegations of filming sex acts and using the footage as bribery. His lawyer has asked for bail on grounds of his stock (cows and horses) aren’t being fed and he can’t work to pay his mortgage if he’s locked up. Apparently they are investigating if home detention is viable. What a croc of shit.