Marlin 1894 Dark Series .44 Mag

Had my Marlin 1894 Dark Series for a while now and I was due to make some clips over at SSAA Silverdale… but I think we all know what happened over last 2 weeks especially in NSW 🙁

As a result of having not been to the range for last 2 weeks - I’ve been really itchy for a shoot. So I went to SSAA St. Marys instead - might as well as I was catching up with other shooters to have a look at the old Mauser and Mosin Nagant they’ve recently acquired (which I will write about later on)

As I plan to keep my Marlin purely ironsight only; I thought I’d give it a bit more practice at St. Marys, and ended up with a bit more clips. Now I heard that making small clips around a minute is a great way to get views on YouTube 🙂 so what I have done is edited together today’s clip and some clip from last time - to create this video.

I was quite confused as to where the very last round went at St. Marys. And I thought I probably had stupidly shot neighboring benches target instead of mine (which happens a lot to me!) … but it all became clear to me where it went when I reviewed the clips after I got home …

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Good stuff mate, nice looking gun too

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Very nice, how is the balance with the bipod on the front?

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Not great. the hand-guard is short, and the sling stud is why too too forward, so the adapter plate of my “Harris bipod” can only half-resting on the hand-guard, maybe Atlas would be better?? Anyway, I am gonna make a series of YT clips in details about this gun. Stay tuned!

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And the action is actually smooth enough, albeit Henry is probably even smoother.

I’d probably just ditch the bipod and use a bag.