Marking brass...

I just saw a contraption online to mark brass and then I remembered about this monster…

I mark my brass when I am doing load development, just to know what’s what; and that’s about it… But this is taking it to an extreme… Anyone does that for whatever reasons, other than for load development?

That is just completely ridiculous. What’s wrong with a simple mark with a different colour. “Consume, consume, you MUST consume”. For fucks sake…

Well, the question is not so much how, but rather why…

That is just crazy if you need to really separate brass for a reason you sure dont need a machine to draw lines on the brass. Just using the marker in your hand is going to get the job done.
Its taking consumerism to the extreme.


I am interested to know the use case though. Like obviously it’s a thing based on the fact that these products exist. And it’s likely not for load development, because that doesn’t correspond to the volume you’d mark through the machine… So yeah, just interested.

I think it’s a case of answering a question nobody asked. But OCD is prolific in the reloading community , so it doesn’t surprise me some dork would want perfectly straight lines.

I could see it being useful if you had different weight bullets and just had them in your pocket for easy identification or perhaps a different velocity say subsonic vs full speed as a extreme example.

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It exists for the IPSC/USPSA consumer market where all the latest must have gadgets will win you a match. To ensure you get all your spent brass back and nobody can claim that the special brass with the 50 different special colours you put on it belongs to anyone else but you. On another note, I’m sure there are 3D print files available for these.

pimp my brass

Haha, i literally write the charge weights on my brass with a texta.

This is my guess. Mark brass permanently when you have different loads but a favourite headstamp. I have two loads for 7-08 and 3 or 4 for 223.

Mind you, the amount I reload these days, that machine would be an expensive paper weight!

Stand ammo bullet down in an ammo box and mark the case head/primer with a sharpie, 50 rounds will take about 5 seconds. Cost, $2/sharpie?
A dremel or small file to the edge of the rim takes a bit longer but is permanent. Marked at a certain point in relation to the head-stamp, cases are easily identified and batched. I do this with my BPCR brass to keep it batched after cleaning and tumbling. Can also be used to index the rounds when loading my rifles. ( The beauty of a single shot! )

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