Mareeba military muster

A few photos of the closest thing to a firearms show we get up here:grinning:

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Looks like a good day out mate

Yeah mate lots of ww2 history on display :beers:!

While not at the muster that the thread was started for I thought I’d add some cool vehicles I’ve seen around, coz I love this sort of thing.

These two are at the motoring museum in Hamilton, it’s hard to get a good pic of them because the place is so jam packed with cars.

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area and are interested in cars, bikes, trucks and paraphernalia.

M777, at the Avalon Airshow. This is the gun that replaced to guns I used to work on.

A bunch of old tanks I found parked up in a yard in Murrysville, Vic.

That gun is awesome… Could only imagine the feeling when it was.operating :beers:
I’ve got a few more vehicles that I photographed on Saturday but will post them when I go into town tomorrow as the reception out here makes it difficult. :grinning:

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Yeah, I cannot even describe how much fun it is to shoot Artillery. I have not shot 155mm like this big bastard, but I have shot a couple of different 105mm howitzers ( will did up a couple of pics)

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A couple more photos. :grinning:

The Seep (sea jeep) is a favorite as I worked for the owners driving its big brother the DUKW doing rainforest tours for several years. :beers::beers: