Managing unburnt powder with AR2205

Question to all 2205 users… How do you manage excessive amounts of unburned powder.

I use it in long and short barrels and I still get some powder scattered along the bore and in case of a revolver, it sprays everywhere. Loads do produce good results, but unburned amount of powder is a bit displeasing. Any recommendations?

  • I’ve tried a heavier crimp. Doesn’t seem to do much.
  • I’ve tried high density loads/ Not helping.

I am thinking, maybe an overshot card?

Any suggestions? Has anyone managed to tame that beast?

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Maximum load density solved it for me, in 310 cadet. Im at 10.0gns, but have room to move, i think i could stretch it to 11.0 if i needed. 9.0gns gave unburnt results. I may sneak up in 0.2 gn increments, but accuracy is superb, so i could be fixing it, when its not broken. Stoke it up more???

I’ll have to experiment in shorter barrels and see how we go. But with max loads in 16" and 18" barrels, I am still getting a bit… Science!

Yeah, the 25 inch cadet barrel would help with combustion, i think.

2205 is notorious for unburnt powder, compression and heavy crimping is “said” to improve it. Never tried to compress it in the loading I have done with it. Heavy crimp just shortened case life. After a lever-gun Nationals at Little River a number of years ago, I reckon you could have filled a tin with what was left on the benches we shot behind.

I wear sunglasses.