Man shot in chest during Qld hunting trip

A man has been shot in the chest during a hunting trip west of Brisbane.

The man, aged in his 20s, was climbing off a quad bike during an overnight hunting trip at Ellangowan, near Toowoomba, about 9pm on Saturday when another person in the group accidentally fired their gun.

He was shot in the left side of the chest, a spokeswoman for RACQ LifeFlight said.

The man was treated at the scene by paramedics before being airlifted to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Police are not investigating the incident.

Bad, bad, bad. Really fucking bad and stupid. Hope the guy survives and without permanent damage.

Unfortunately it seems to be happening more and more.

I’ve noticed this too.

It does seem to be the younger shooters it happens more often with. I’d like to know why there is no police investigation.

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Must be an unregistered gun in the hands of a non licenced off duty police officer!

And you blokes wonder why i carry a gsw kit out bush!

It is what it is, very strange they don’t have their pitch forks out looking to blame and charge someone though

Probably finalized their investigation on site doesn’t mean nobody will be penalized. … muzzle awareness is a wonderful thing. :beers:

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