Making wax slugs

Making some wax slugs…

Started melting everything in a double boiler type of setup…

Added some lead shot, and realised that I don’t actually need a double boiler due to high flashing point of paraffin.

…also realised that I don’t need lead in the house, so moved to the BBQ outside. While paraffin has a high flashing point, it’s still not advisable to melt it on an open flame. I used a grill plate on my (outside) BBQ.

Lead fumes are never good either, so doing this outside is the safest and healthiest way to do it.

Starting to work

Work in progress

Had to work fast, to prevent cooling, I had to reheat a few times. This is what it looks like when paraffine starts cooling. At this stage, stop and reheat or it won’t set well.

Overflow, where paraffin has set and I topped it up with cooler paraffin. This doesn’t bond and will set in layers. When you touch it - the top layer will pop off, so one continuous pour…

What it looks like when there is not enough wax on top…

What it looks like when there is too much lead

The rest are a view of a pulled apart wax slug and rough weight. The weight worked out to be roughly similar to the Lee 7/8 slug mold.

Cup view 1

Cup view 2

Top view

Bottom view

Side view

Cross-section view


Note the paraffin streaks running down some hulls. This is not a big deal, just wipe/snap it off when everything cools. Paraffin melts at 37C, so wiping it with a rag will generate enough heat to soften it and remove it from the hull wall.

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Alright… Wax slug testing report - sucks balls!

  • Very inconsistent, expected.
  • Some fell apart before they got there.
  • As the bore heats up, slug will get softer… Remember, low melting temperature of paraffin.
  • Ok for blasting at 20m or so, just for giggles.

Fun arts and crafts activity, but will not be doing it again, sort of meh.

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Atleast they were not wasted and you had fun. Is there something else that you could use instead of the Paraffin?
A different kind of wax with a higher melting point that might hold it together better.

Yep, lead :slight_smile:

Going to cast heaps of slugs and put my Lee 12ga press to work. Will take a look at some funky moulds too.

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Clay? …

Not sure what you mean.

Try clay slug. Lol

Way different results than what I had. We were getting decent accuracy out to a couple of hundred metres from my old iac

Maybe temperature variance? When we were going at it, it was hot. Gun was hot. And shooting it made it hotter. Could be my choke… Either way, fun, but moved on. Good to know it’s possible though.

From memory it was around 30⁰ and we shot multiple rounds…but…we used different wax I’d reckon.

About as hot. I used pure paraffin.