Makes me happy... Leave fudds in the dust.

This makes me really happy:

A few days ago the NSC received a substantial contribution donation from Shooters Union for our actions in Vic, WA and Qld . Shooters Union National President Graham Park personally contacted the NSC to congratulate us in securing a “fast track” hearing in our Victorian Action.

I have heard good things about ADA, they do things, quietly and diligently for the benefit of all hunters, or so I heard. I hope they join.

I don’t know much about FGA, I have a feeling they are very much like SSAA, probably the same bunch of bloke… I truly hope all three organisations will join and stand together. I think this is one of those defining moments where it’s time to show their members that they are in the fight. And show everyone else how strong a unified voice really is.

Perhaps there is a silver lining after all.

Queue motivational music… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agree 100%, It is the 2nd biggest problem that we have after the government.

If all of the shooting organisations could “kiss and makeup” and worked together, all for the common cause, we would have a force to be reckoned with.

The government would think twice before trying to screw us over again.



I guess one needs to define the common cause… Between NSC and SU, sure. Probably VAPA and all other 'APA’s. Probably ADA, too. FOU and few other smaller players.

However, everyone else with deep pockets, I fear that common cause for those businesses, is not what members of those associations perceive to be the common cause. This will leave no doubt…

Very encouraging to see groups working to a common, positive goal!

Good work chaps, wot, pip and all that! :nerd_face::+1:
(Need a pipe smoking, tweed hat wearing emoji :sweat_smile:)

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Not unexpected. If we all just sit quietly here, everything will be ok, just please, don’t say anything or they may take my shotguns. Enjoy your duck seasons, folks. You’ll get less and less every year, until you realise that hiding in the corner is not the way anymore.