Magnet fishing aka, I like treasure, garrrrr!

Had a bit of a crack at magnet fishing today.
Almost couldn’t believe it when the first thing I pulled out was a live shotgun shell (everything’s better with shotguns) followed by a spoon, a steak knife, a fishing lure couple of fish hooks, a tin can, a bunch of beer caps and finally a giant no swimming sign that some idiot had pulled out and chucked in the water.
Oh and a pair of pliers.
Then I got the magnet stuck had to go for a dip to get it back, then bailed home for a warm shower coz I thought my feet were gunna fall off

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Also what do you reckon the chances are that the shotgun shell will go off if I tried to shoot it?

I’m gunna try it either way.

Nope. I rekon it will be a dud.

Looks like a reload, not sealed… So will be a dud. If it were new Id say it would be OK.

I reckon it’ll fire!!! :sunglasses:
Really [email protected]#ked if I know but that’s not a bad haul for a first run :beers:
There’s a few rivers and dams up here that had yank bases on during WW2 that would be very interesting to try this in…where did ya get ya magnets from??? :beers:

Yeah I thought of the river around the old yank airbase in Townsville (now the drag strip) and the creek and lake on lavarack barracks, I know of a few things that have been thrown in there that we won’t talk about, Lol!

The magnet was from ebay
Look at this on eBay

There was a lot of gold mining activity around here and I’m hoping to find relics from those days.
Also I heard rumors about where the knife went that I got stabbed with as a young bloke, 25 years ago so I’m not holding my breath but I’m planning on having a go down there to see if I can find that, lol.

Thanks @GUN-DMC I’ll look into grabbing one. :+1:
The palmer river rush was just north of here and heaps of tin etc was found to the south. Will be great to give it a go! :beers:
Good luck finding ya knife. Would have to post a pic on the “straight to the pool room” thread. :beers:

He’s been quiet for a while. I guess it did go off. Bwahahahahha.

Some good finds mate! Who knows might be some old decrepit rotten shotgun somewhere close by

Not dead haven’t tried it yet lol.

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I went back to this spot today a fished for a little while before a medical appt.
I found a good fillet knife, another shotshell and 3 live 30-06 rounds along with some trash thats now in the bin instead of the waterways.

with me now finding a surprising amount of live ammo in there I’m wondering if there could be a gun as well? who knows but I’ll be back there soon trying to find out.

How the hell do you get 30-06 on a magnet???

old surplus ammo with I’m guessing steel cases.

Oh, ok.
I’m getting a bit worried about your spot, what with all the knives and live ammo!

I have only found fishing type knives but yes the ammo is alarming, especially seeing as this is a popular fishing and yabbying spot for kids.

Jesus mate you’ve found the most armed river in Vic :joy:

Tipping that title might go to the Yarra!

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well if I’ve learned anything from the movies, the bad guys always trow the naughty stuff into water!

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I’m tipping it will be a tin hat next week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep the Yarra would have to hold that most infamous title for sure. You may have to upgrade your magnet to pull the amount of cars that are in there. Then running through some of those inner Melbourne suburbs back in the day when they were the slum areas.