Magnet fisherman finds cartridges in Melbourne lake

Had to do a bit of googling to find a non pay walled article but just goes to show you theres still hope to find buried treasure

I’m surprised they didn’t charge old mate with a firearms offence haha

Wheres the article mate?

Blah blah blah Fisherman’s stunning $1000 find in Melbourne lake: ‘Big shock’ ( blah blah

:joy: after all that i forgot to post the link was posting as i was coming off a flight, what a cooked c*nt


10k for that ammo, must of got his price off used guns :rofl:

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Too notch journalism here

“ after finding the ammunition, particularly because guns are banned in Australia, unlike in America. "

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And if 100 rounds of pistol ammo is now worth $1000 I’m about to retire

The dude also made a youtube video of the event.

I think your dyslexia is kicking in :slight_smile: $1k for 400 rounds of what seems to be 38spc wad cutters. Not impossible lol

watched some of the video, seems like a mixed bag. Pfft.

Gotta admit its a bit weird finding that kind of stuff in a river though makes me wonder what other treasures are down there, maybe theres a mint lee enfield no 4 mk 2 still in the wrapping :joy: if only

Was more so commenting on his own price estimate, not the revised cop estimate.

Well daaaamn

Go back with a bigger magnet!