Magma Star lube sizer

Hi all. Anyone using the Magma Star lube sizer, for their cast bullets? Where in Australia does one get one?

I hate it when people answer a very specific question with something else, but I am going to be one of those people for a moment (I’ll take a shower later, because I am disgusted withmyself).

a. no idea.
b. I considered something like that and…

The ‘b’ part… Thing that held me back, are the bullet bushings. I was looking at the RCBS sizer, but I suppose the bushings would be same, same. . Bushings weren’t as cost effective as a lube sizer die, from memory. And then I started powder coating and the need for lube went away.

I am finding that I love 45ACP a lot more than 9mm. I compete with 9, just because it’s a compromise between being able to control it and rapid fire pew pew… 45ACP is less so, but damn it’s a fun gun to shoot. A gentleman’s gun! And dear god, that prick is expensive to run when you get going, even with (commercial) cast projectiles. Last time I went out on my own, I wen’t through 250 rounds in less than 2 hours. So, I am thinking, casting for it (and most likely 357 as well) is likely to be in my future. Maybe transition to HiTek coating too, anyhow… With all that in mind, I was thinking - yep, I could dedicate a day or two and cast a few thousand of them, but processing would be a pain. Then I found this fella:

And I am sort of impressed (from online material). Thinking, hrmm, it may be possible to get it done at reasonable price and with reasonable efficiency.

I know this is not what you asked about and I feel dirty about that, but thought I’d throw this in the mix.

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Dont feel dirty JS, thanks for sharing, that’s interesting!

Magma ship to Australia regularly and the only place to get one is direct, unfortunately the exchange rate sucks.

My pick would be the Lee APP as well, seems to be a good bit of kit for minimal outlay and of course those of us with 3D printers, there are numerous upgrades already out there. Haven’t seen any retailers selling them here yet, but sources say the best place to get one shipped to Aus is through Titan Reloading in the U.S.

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Yeah I’ve bought a bit from titan, they were very good to deal with.

I have a RCBS lubeamatic 2, just no overly happy with it…