Magellan explorist 110

Jb hifi have Magellan explorist 110 gps for $39 for the next couple of days only. Normally 150 bucks.
I just bought one and thought I should share in case any of you are after some budget navigation.

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Wow, they any good? Might check it out.

I haven’t used one yet, but all I need is to be able to set a mark at the Ute so I can find my way out of the Bush or mark a kill so I can find it to hump the rest of it back to the Ute.

Was it an email offer? I just cant seem to find it.

Doesn’t come up in a jbhifi search

While I was waiting g to go and see the @Oldbloke in his natural environment this morning I wandered into jb hifi in Warne pond and it was just there.

Might just be a clearance at that location.
Got to get to Geelong soon anyway.

They had sold out and are getting me one from melb. sale price is valid until the 8th

Discontinued model, clearing out old stock.

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