Machined Stocks

These look great! Nice traditional wood, for traditional firearms. Milsurps too!! Could be nice for my 303-25

TBH site looks complicated as… And… I didn’t understand if it was final pricing or some sort of confusion central? Up to $600 for a 2-piece stock, okay… But then it says that it’s just for the labour to machine it (like what, secure a blank and press a button, maybe load a programme or does that include oil, because they seem to charge per screw), then “Blank Used Is Extra” wtf? No recoil pad? Packaging $15 - but that doesn’t include shipping… Madness. Look very puurty though. Oohhh and then all the finishing, screws, end-caps and everything else is extra or POA? FFS how much for after market walnut 303-25 stock? This is like going to Woolies and being charged for the parking, the price of entry, packaging, taxes, content of the package and the glue used to seal the bastard. Such a poor site, I shit you not, I thought, hrmmm, maybe you’re right, nice wood for 303-25, then I spent time trying to understand this glue sniffer and thought, screw this, I’ll stick to Boyds.

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Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. FMD …and then… here are the prices, only to be like, ha-ha, just kidding, here, read this foot note “Prices vary somewhat according to figure, contrast etc”


Oh look, another shooting business apparently run by a tired grumpy old so-and-so.

Are there any more than a handful of shooting businesses in this country run by people who aren’t tired and cranky, don’t understand how the internet works, and really can’t be bothered in general?


I don’t think he is grumpy at all, just don’t get the Internet. Site is REALLY detailed and informative, like, the opposite of grumpy, trying to be extra transparent and helpful, but at a cost of confusing the shit out of me.

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Yeah, need I remind you, he is in Tasmania…He has a 2 piece for Martini Cadet for $525…on abusedguns…I would pay that, but 600 is getting up there.

It’s funny you say that, I’ve sent an enquiry, 2 weeks ago…still waiting for a response, so could be the red flag, right there!

Noooo, the customer must beg me! This is not some material possession, this is art! This is my soul! This is… Screw it, not for sale! LMAO

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I dunno, I got strong “I’ve got other shit to do so don’t bother contacting me unless you happen to want me to make something which I’ve got everything on hand for right now” vibes from the site.

It’s definitely not user friendly, that’s for sure.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that attitude, I suppose. Sort of the 80/20 rule, where 20% of customers eat up 80% of your time. Dropping those gets you aaaaaaa looot of your free time back, that could be spent making more money than the 20% had to spend. I get all that, I am very much like that in my endeavours. Thing is, I am the 80% of the customers who in fact has other shit to do and no time getting PhD in that website. Show me pictures, I select which one I want to buy. Simples. But they don’t do that either, almost the exact opposite. Almost like ecommerce S&M, mostly the ‘M’.

He needs to make it simple like this…