M96 swede ammo clips??

Anyone got a couple of Swede ammo clips, they wanna part with? Cheapest I can find so far on Ebay, work out at about $12.50 each!
Or is that normal price??

Do stripper clips take loads of stress, or need to be super flexible? If you’re just looking for something to use and abuse, I reckon you could maybe 3D print them?

Edit: Nvm, I can’t find an existing STL for them, and I don’t have dimensions to draw one.

I’ll have a look, I’m pretty sure I have some mate.

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Hey mate are you still after stripper clips, I’ve just found some I’m my deep dark secrets pile.

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I got 3 off Ebay for about $11 each…what are yours? New or?

Nah these are used ones but good condition my gun was molested with scope mount so decided to just shoot it scoped! I brought a whole heap a few years ago Ive found 5 that are in really good nick. You can have them for $2 each if you want.

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Yes mate I will take them!

I have brand new ones , still in the box , if you are interested

@6878mm I’d be interested, what are you selling them for?

I have enough for the Swede, but I’m chasing some for an M95 Spanish carbine

What calibre is it??

Do you need any??

I would like some Swedish M96 clips, yep.

It’s a model 95 carbine, .308 my Isrealii and swede ones dont fit it…

Bah, what am I saying, no, I want some clips for a Swedish Mauser M38…

These are brand new, how many

can you PM me
I don`t know how

5 will do… How much do you want for them?