M38 Swedish Mauser


For Oz Gun Lobby members I’ll chuck the dies, brass and pills in for free and price is negotiable.

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Grossly overpriced for a butchered rifle, any Swede d&t’d on the receiver is a $200 gun. The Vasteras sight, though, is $120 + on it’s own, so $350 tops for the rifle. Last M96 I bought a month ago was $375 + $50 p&h. Swedes are being offered at silly prices at the moment and sadly some silly beggars are buying some of them which is causing all sorts of wild pricing. Cheers.

I have found that people on the internet want to lowball you on everything, so I’ve put a bit of wriggle room in there (although I was one of those suckers that paid to much for one) plus there are dies, pills and brass to go with it.
Mind you if someone wants to pay that I’m not going to tell them to bigger off either as that’s what I paid for it.

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This one is a much better buy than my one if any of you are looking for a Swede!

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Did you end up selling it?

No mate, I had a couple of enquires but that’s all.
Funny thing is I went out to shoot off all the ammo I’d loaded for it before plinkfest (that I didn’t shoot because I broke my toe instead) and sort of fell back in love with it, if the add expires and it doesn’t sell I’ll happily keep it, Lol!

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Keep it. If you like it, you need it! :grinning:

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Like me and my shotgun LOL

Which one?

The o/U one

Keep it, I will bring a few rounds for you when I come over. They are a bit hot but they go through mine no problems.

Sounds good to me mate!