Lyman Prep Center

If there is an easy way to do things I will go down that path everytime. Many an hour has seen me sitting in front of the TV prepping brass, from cleaning the primer pockets to running a brush up and down the case neck.

Not only was this time consuming but hard on the hands and fingers. In days of old I would use a variety of hand tools to do the job, attaching them to a handle and either twisting the tool or the case to get the job done.

Tools of old;

So moving forward in time it is time for an upgrade to make life easier and the task of case prepping quicker. I brought one of the Lyman Prep Centers, it is a motorised set of interchangeable prep tools. You can put them in any order you wish and easily swap between large and small calibres.

The unit;

It comes with the following;

Inside/outside deburring tool,
Large/small primer pocket uniformer,
Large/small primer pocket cleaner,
4 case neck brushes 25, 30, 38 & 45 cal,
Tub of case neck lube,
Clean up brush,
Removable dump pan.

It is easy to operate and very efficient, I would guess that I could complety prep all of my brass in the same time as it used to take me just to clean the primer pockets and with no sore fingers or hands.

Here is a small video clip of it in action.

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Dare I say you have too much time on your hands and shoot a bit too much.

Try taking up fishing. :rofl:


I agree on the too much time on my hands, time to get another job lol but I didn’t think that you could ever shoot to much :blush:

There you go. My strategy worked. Forum is a little more active now.


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I have an 8-32 Lee cutter adapter that screws into the thread of the Lyman prep centre. Allows you to use the Lee case guage length trimmers. I’ve probably trimmed 800 of 223 so far.

I also like that it has the VLD style case chamber cutter. Fine for my bulk 223 loads. But I doing my important Lapua cases by hand.

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I do all my trimming on the Wilson case trimmer, but it is a lot quicker to do the rest of the case prep on the Lyman.