Lube lube lube it's all about lube. Alox vs powder coat vs

Question about Alox. I have a bottle that came with some dies… However, I never used it. I powder coat for everything, other than BP, which gets pan-lubed.

Regarding Alox, I wonder if it’s worth using. Excluding the messy/sticky aspect to it, is it worth using over powder coating and is it any good… Specifically, this is for low velocity cartridges that I cast (I usually buy stuff I shoot the most), so it would be stuff like 44MAG, 45-70, Nagant (x38R, not 54R), etc.

Feedback and experiences appreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re right about the liquid alox, sticky shit that builds up in your dies, is messy to use, etc, etc…
I use it on cast 9mm bullets out of a Lee mold that is designed for it, multiple shallow grooves. I’ve shot a lot of cast bullets lubed with it over the years, .44, .45, .30-30, .32-20, 7mm, 9mm,… it does do it’s job, but like I said above, pain in the arse. ( maybe I’m not using enough??, :grimacing: pun folks, pun. )
With regards lubing coated bullets, I’ve found that I get slightly better accuracy in my competition lever guns by lubing them, although not with the liquid alox. If the bullet has lube grooves, fill them with lube.

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Civilisation has advanced since the days of alox, do yourself a favour and leave it in the past.

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Why not water it down with some mineral spirits? Makes it less sticky. Or simply buy 45 45 10 lube from Cast Bullet Engineering. It’s a mix of Alox, Carnuba wax, and mineral spirits. I just bought it from CBE works great, no sticky mess!