LPVO recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a LPVO for a Marlin 357 lever action…primary use is goats with most shots taken inside of 60m.


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I have the older version of this and its worked fine for years. Held up to .303 recoil.
Im sure theres plenty of better ones, but its the only one I have experience with so I’ll throw it in the mix.

This is mine, now on the 30 Aught

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Several hundred, preferably under a K

For Marlin, looks and weight I would go any Leupold LPVO… Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but it’s just a really good pairing :slight_smile: They are lite and look very nice. If that’s too expensive, Vector has had a good run with people on the forum. There is also Vortex, but they seem to have forgotten their roots, still mid-range scope, but now costs as much as a Leupold.

wild card: maybe one of this: Vixen 2-8X32 Riflescopes | Vixen Optics Australia (small and nice, own, rate it highly). If none of that do it for you,

Others to consider:

  • Bushnell
  • Athlon

But for a lever action, I recon Leupold with one piece mount directly to receiver.

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Thanks, much appreciated

Also those Arken scopes look pretty good for the money, they were all over youtube with a tonne of good reviews for a while (not that that really means anything lol). I molested a couple & took them outside for a good look through at a LGS a few months back and I was pretty impressed, they felt like quality & are very solid but on the heavier side though.

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