Looking for starting load confirmation for 357

Yes, I know, I know, I am asking for load data, but I need a starting load. I have a reference point, but I would like someone to confirm.

I have HRBC 38 diameter (for 357MAG out of Henry carbine) 158gn RN FP powder coated bullets. Can someone point me in the right direction or suggest a starting load (max load would be good too).

Powder to be used: AR2205



The book max for what you describe is 16.0g for 1670 fps from an 18.5" barrel. Starting is 14.5. I only use AP70 for that projectile in a handgun, 6.0g for 1100 fps in a 6" Python, would go a bit harder in the carbine, Cheers.

Have a look at the cast / cowboy section of your ADI load book


There is 158gn cast pills data in 2205 and AP70N in the rifle data section too.

Cool. Thanks! Got it.