LOOKING FOR: Rossi overland coach gun parts


Before I go trying to order parts on line, does anyone have a firing pin “housing” for a Rossi SxS external hammer 12g?

I started getting weak primer strikes and thought the gun might need to go for a holiday at a smith, but noticed that the “housing” for the firing pin was loose on both barrels. I made a small tool to fit over the pin and engage on the slots in the housing, but the end of the housing for the right barrel fractured as soon as i got any torque on it. Now I need a new one…

@juststarting hates shotguns so I can’t see why he wouldn’t give you the ones out of his!

Because I am greedy and mean.

Bwah hahahaha

Hand it over…

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But if I do, then I won’t have my coach and that’s basically my man card :slight_smile:

Its not fooling anyone mate! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I did say that I am also greedy and mean.