Long Range Precision Shooting: What Do I Need?

Plenty of cash, spare time and an understanding partner!!! :joy::rofl:

And a really big paddock!

First up, Define “Long Range”. What we talking about 500m, 1000m maybe 3200m? Shooting game or paper?

Long Range can be different for everybody. I think a good definition should be related to the ballistics of your rifle. Either on a certain amount of drop, loss of energy, or going trans sonic. That should make the Rainbow people happy.

Absolutely, Sungazer. 300m is quite a long way for a 22lr but not even a warm up for Bretts big 50.

Personally i would call 500-600m mid range but I’ve never had a chance to shoot further. I guess I’d call it true long range when you start getting out to 1km and pushing further.

As you point out, Brett, it’s a subject with a bunch of sub-topics of there own…

Based on the answer to what range then some advice on what’s required. Distances out too 1000m punching paper are best served by something in the 6-7mm caliber but if smashing fur I’d be looking at .338-.375. Out past 1600m then definitely getting into the realm of .375Cheytac, .416 Barrett, .460 Steyr and 50BMG. Then there’s the topic of best scope…without an understanding of what the OP’s trying to achieve its difficult to suggest much other then mortgage the house :slight_smile:

Really just trying to provoke some discussion on the topic. I’m still getting set up for fclass out to 600yd and won’t really try to push myself further untill i start posting some reliable decent scores at that range.

Personally I’m still fantasizing about a 284Shehane but am working with my 7-08, which will eventually become my heavy varmint gun once i build a dedicated target rig.

If 600 yrds was going to be you limit the 6mm and the 6.5 as Brett mentioned are the ones to go for a 6mmBRX and just about any of the 6.5 L or C L seems more popular in F ATM I think that may change. Those two really are the most accurate rounds and can beat the wind. There is a guy in the club that is not the greatest shooter but recently he finally got his gun set up and is now shooting 60s nearly every week other than he has a tendancy to shoot on the wrong target at least a 50% chance one week he had two 54-6 54-7 and then a 60 as he shot on the wrong target. Then a couple of weeks ago he forgot to put the powder in one lucky I was on RO and stopped him before he rechambered another round yes the projectile was stuck in the barrel. He has done the opposite and we think put the wrong powder is having a pretty big primer blow out. :unamused:

I do like the 6.5 after seeing it go consistently well out to 600 in both a Sako hunter and a Barnard custom build. These rifles were both 6.5x55. The Sako often out shot a Barnard 308win. Given, the bloke with the 308 wasn’t particularly focused on those days and it would be give and take between the two on different weeks but the fact that a light hunting rifle could keep up at club level really quashed the idea that you need to rush out and buy a dedicated target rifle from the get go. I guess if you want to get into precision shooting, the first thing you need is the attitude to work on your technique and loads, etc. Then you can upgrade your gear as the bug bites you or as funds allow.

I chose to chamber my rifle in 7mm-08 because I wanted to learn to shoot well out further but also learn the basic ballistics of that cartridge for future purchase a lefty hunter in that chambering and to feel more comfortable taking shots at mid to extended ranges. My reason for getting into F-class was just to improve my shooting skills at range… then hitting (or chasing) Xs became addictive but not everyone gets into it with the dream of becoming world champion or even competing beyond club or local comp level.

Eventually, I do want to compete out to 1500m so for now I’ll stick to my 284shehane fantasy. From my research it is a very capable and competitive cartridge. This will be some time off so this may well change.
As I am a tight arse with too many expensive hobbies, the tendency for cartridges like the 6.5/284 to burn barrel quickly is also a little off putting…

I’m still looking to build a custom F-Class rifle and 7mm RSAUM was the suggested chambering. I’m not familiar with that cartridge, do you guys know much about it?

Can’t say I’m familiar, Brett. What reasons were given for this cartridge? I had heard/read that the SAUM is overbore and so burns barrels like nobody’s business (more reading: nope; I had this confused with the RUM… completely different animal). Gotta say, I haven’t even heard of RSAUM! (edit: reading more are they the same cartridge?)

You got me curious, @Brett , and I found this page. Still reading it myself but thought you may be interested if you hadn’t seen it before: http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/tag/7mm-rsaum/

And here is a couple of articles on the 284 Shehane:

Reading the above links (the RSAUM link has a VERY useful video interview on F-class success), I am still convinced of the Shehane.

The RSAUM seems to have a slight advantage of a shorter, wider case which will technically give you the option of a shorter and stiffer action (if you were building a repeater rifle, the short action would hamper seating depth for the 284 and so a mid length action is suggested by some to be optimal; I guess in a single shot target rifle, using a short action would be fine) but uses significantly more powder to achieve similar velocities to the 284 Shehane. This will technically lead to shorter barrel life. It is also “finicky” to load for, according to the bloke interviewed who is a world class champion shooter who uses the RSAUM.

On the other hand, the 284 Shehane can drive a 180gn bullet at up to 3050fps using less powder and has a level of inherent accuracy that makes it easy to develop a reliable load for. People report good accuracy of onder o.25moa, even while fire forming brass from 284win cases.

combined multiple posts above…

The 7mm RSAUM is the cartridge of choice for the F-Open guys competing at the top level. I dont think it is noted as a barrel burner much more than the other 7mm 284 based cartridges. I believe the entire Australian team that competed in Canada were using the 7mm RSAUM. I have talked a bit about the gun with some of those guys and they pretty much just say its the best.

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My question is: why do they say it is the best?
Is it just the latest flavour or is there a specific reason given?

If it’s giving same velocities with less powder and is easier to load for, makes me wonder if it’s just another fad for the ‘i need to be different like everyone else’ crowd who are just wanting the ‘latest and greatest’…?