Log Splitter for sale

Just got this as an email and thought that it might interest so e of you who use wood heaters. Looking at you @GUN-DMC.

I don’t know if they are the same in every state but they are on sale on the 27th.


I’ve got a 26 ton splitter. The more grunt the better. Those 5 tons splitters just can’t match it. You’re wasting your time with those cheapies.

So this thread is not about Indian food. Oh well.

Nah not for me, I live in a place that doesn’t get cold lol.
Haven’t needed a heater for years.

Was just putting it up for those who might be doing it by axe who might want a cheaper to help them out.

Wrong sort of log.

Misleading title.

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Thanks for the heads up mate, but I just use my neighbors big one when I need to.

No problem, was thinking about your back.

Appreciate that mate.