log in log out problem

Can’t seem to be able to log out of forum since last night is it me doing something wrong or is it a computer problem or is there a problem with the site ? (sorry need help)


I’ll take a look.

What specifically are you trying to do… Press logout or… What’s the actual issue?

''Log Out" doesn’t come up anymore on side scroll any more and i can’t find anywhere else to log out when finished on the forum When I return next day I press Oz gun lobby i’m automatically on forum

I can’t log out there is no ‘‘Log Out’’ it used to come up when I pressed the ‘‘G’’ on the right hand side of my page but no more I logged in 2 days ago but can’t log out or I don’t know how other than that ‘‘Log Out’’ sign which isn’t there now

The design may have change in last update… I’ll post some screenshots when I’m home.

Ok mate thanks my son explained it doesn’t matter that much as it logs out automatically when I change to another site I think that’s what he meant

Looking at the Keyboard Shortcuts menu the Shift + Z keys are the logout function.

Thanks mate

@anon19591382 - bit confused, are you sorted or still need help?

AH js mate sorry yes i just do what sungazer said to do alls good thanks it’d be nice if I could understand these pieces of plastic better as i’m not the best on the computer