Loading for 455 Webley

Wondering if anyone here has experience loading for 455 Webley. And if there are recommendations or bullet molds or distributors.


No takers :frowning:

Is it listed in the ADI manual?

Do a search in this forum. You should find plenty British Militaria Forums - Victorian-era British arms, accoutrements, and military history.

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I load for .455; I use 250gr .454 LRNFP projectiles from Spartan, Fiocchi cases (kept the fired ones; you can get new Starline ones) and 5gr of Unique; it works (Can knock over rams, just) but doesn’t feel as punchy as the factory Fiocchi ammo, whcih can easily knock rams over.

ADI themselves some years ago provided this data to someone on a forum who enquired about it, and someone else with Quickload reckoned about 4.3gr of AP70N behind a 250gr projectile was about the optimum load for that powder/projectile. Make of it what you will

Thanks, @Martini - this is really helpful! Especially on subject of bullets, do you have a link to the bullet or maybe a shop, something… Where I can order some?

I am also looking at the CBE mold, which I will get, but if there’s an option to buy, I’d much rather that over casting. Any additional info, pics, etc would be awesome.

I use the 250gr .454 LRNFP from Spartan Projectiles in Adelaide: Projectile Chart

I gather .452 projectiles for .45LC or .45ACP should work too, in the 230gr or 250gr weight range (Haven’t used them so can’t confirm).

I was looking at that chart and just didn’t see them until now! Mind-blown!

What revolver are you firing it from?

MkVI I hope

Excellent choice. FWIW, the operating pressure for the Webley Mk VI is about 13,000 PSI from what I’ve read, so make sure you don’t use .45 ACP or .45 Auto Rim loads (even start loads) because they’re way too hot.

I was thinking 357 with a masking tape bushing.

If you have a truly obscene amount of money, you can get a Webley that’s already chambered for .357 Magnum :stuck_out_tongue:


@Martini what dies do you use?

I just picked up Lee 455 dies and in true Lee fashion the FL die is stamped with 45 Long Colt. It’s 0.07mm difference, which is nothing and will be solved with an expander die. The seating die seems okay, but this is one of those moments that makes me appreciate why I always pay a little extra when I have an option not to buy Lee. I guess 45ACP and 45-70 would also work if this is the case, depending on the tension I am after, but… That’s not the point.

Anyhow, can you let me know what dies you use, please, just out of interest.

I’m using Lee dies and haven’t had any issues at all.

Simplex also make dies for .455 Webley too; I’ve got Simplex .303 and .375 H&H dies and they’re well made but the decapping pins are very easy to bend or break (which is why they sell replacements, fortunately).

I’ll see how I go with Lee, I was just surprised by the “long colt” die, this is what I am asking, is your FL die stamped with long colt?

Yes, it is.

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Well, everything is aligning and hopefully it’ll be home next week. But in the meantime, looks ie what I found :grin: