Loading bottle neck cartridges on Dillon 650

Was asked about it by @MaxJon Jon, so I thought I’d start the thread. I am a bit short on time to really dive into it, at least from what I know, but I am sure other people doing this can contribute.

I know @JizzFlinger loads rifle ammo on 650… Maybe you could chime in with some gotchas and what not.

Initial concern could be coarse powder like for example 2208 and accuracy via the volumetric thrower. Feedback, tips, etc?

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No dramas encountered with 7.62x39, can’t imagine why it would be a problem with other bottleneck cartridges.

Big stick powder absolutely sucks through any volumetric style powder thrower that I’ve encountered. You’ll keep it at or about .1 to to .2 of a grains for 90% of the time which is great but then you throw one that is a .5 or more out and that sucks. CFE 223 and CFE-BLK meter well.

Someome culling pests with a .308 who is an experienced reloader would do well with > 45 grains of cfe-223 . Charge sits low enough in the case not to spill on cycling throigh the tool head and it meters well enough for confidence on minute-of-pest at distances.


I set up a mate of my son to load 223, 243 and 308 on his new 750.

Once set up there have been no dramas and he is getting good accuracy out of all 3 rounds.
He is using 2206H and 2209.

What do you call good accuracy?

I think this is a “tangent” that’s just going to lead you down the wrong opinion path.

I think a better question could be volumetric vs scale powder charge measurement. So, forget about Dillon and think about a powder thrower. Are you happy to load your ammo on a single stage press, while using a volumetric method of measuring your powder; or not. This is the main question that needs to be answered. If yes, then you can quite easily go with Dillon. If however the variance is not good enough, then not… In general extruded powders don’t play nice with any throwers.

I think this could be the main question. Everything after that is just matching equipment tolerances to what you use now…

At the same time consider digital scales, they are not as accurate as people think; and then consider balance beam scale vs time taken to reload.

In short, it can be done, many people do it. But it depends on what you’re after in terms of precision of your powder charge. Specific, within 0.01, 0.1, etc.

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Well he is a professional roo shooter so head shots out to 200 meters is what is required and he achieves that

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This is the gist of it.

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