Lloyds gun auction


If anyone is interested, found this …

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Theres possibly some cool stuff there, shame the pics and descriptions are so shitty that anything on there is a real gamble.

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I assume most here received this email but for any members that didn’t here it is. Personally my experience was very positive in purchasing from this Auction in the past and I have heard the same from a few here which is always a plus. Of course prices are out of control on some items but as with all actions there will also be the gun that gets next to no interest for no good reason and goes cheaply.

We are pleased to announce the dates for out next auction, which again is a boomer.

Held over 2 days. Auction No.60 includes several significant collections & something for everyone (see below for more details).

Date : Auction No.60 on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2023 at 10.00am with Auctioneer Harry Glenn

Bidding : Online, post, email & phone by arrangement.

We will continue to operate in the online format that has proved so successful with the support of Donington Auctions.

Many of you have already been registered with Donington’s & they will continue to use these details.

Viewing : Welcome by appointment.

The A.60 catalogue will be available late August, in print to subscribers & loaded onto Donington Auctions Website.

A “catalogue online” advice will be sent to you when its available to view online.

Please update your HARD COPY catalogue subscriptions

Items of Note in Auction No.60

A good assortment of;

  • Pre 1947 = Pistol & revolvers incl S&W, Colt, Webley, Browning, Mauser C96 & PO Lugers; Walthers, Steyr, Japanese Baby Nambu, Papa & Bay T.26 & T.14 ETC.
  • Military rifles = Lithgow, Cadets, Martini’s, Carbines, 98 Mausers, P.14 & P.17 Rifles; Snipers; Steyrs 1895 rifles.
  • Sporting rifles = Winchester, Savage, BRNO, CZ, Mannlicher, Remington, W.Richards, Marlin, Sauer drilling & Whitney
  • Percussion = Colts, 1862, 1860 Arny, 1849 Pockets, 1851 Navies, Rootes side hammer, dragon & baby dragoon
  • Mammoth collections of Winchesters = 1866, 1876, 1885, 1886, 1895, 1894, 1892, Commemoratives,
  • 2 Anti-Tank rifles
  • Superb cased Dixon double Perc rifle
  • Swords & bayonets

Kind regards,

Cheryl Martyn

Any ideas what the shipping costs would be if bidding interstate?

So many cheap old shotties!

WOW look at all those 416 Rugers!! :heart_eyes:

Depends what you’re buying from AAA - handguns are around $40-$50 shipping to most of the Eastern States, from what I gather

If everyobe could please stop bidding on the Smith Wesson Model 52 it would be appreciated . Thanks.

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