Lithgow small arms Museum

Anyone been to it? Worth a day trip from Sydney?
Got a job lined up in Sydney and if it goes smooth I’ll have a day or two to spare. Was thinking about either Lithgow or the Canberra war memorial as a distraction before heading back to Melbourne.

Why not make it a round trip and do both?

Well I have been to the War Memorial three times already, and I’ll be dragging a colleague along.

If he doesn’t like it he can walk home

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I spent a few hours in the museum a few years ago and I reckon it was well worth it. They have a few hands on exhibits (namely a bren gun and a Steyr) plus describe the rifling process etc. They also had a few handy publications for SMLe mkIII etc which are useful for 303 tragics like myself.

So I give it a big thumbs up. Also the Zig Zag railway is just up the hill if you are into trains and the Jenolan Caves are not too far away also.

Hope this helps.


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If you’re into cars at all you could do Lithgow small arms then onto Bathurst to the National Motor Racing Museum which you’ll already be driving past to get to the Hume the back way.


This round trip is getting better and better, :+1:

Does sound good. It is dependent on other people being on schedule and my job going to plan , I may end up stuck in Sydney for the duration if it goes tits up.

Check Lithgow opening hours, been meaning to go for years but it seems to be closed any time I’m going past with the time to visit.

Good point.

And in the end I got to neither. Combination of people and car trouble.
On the drive up the Alternator threw a fit and wasn’t charging, Sunday, southern tablelands nothing open. Put a meter on the battery and watched it drop closer and closer to 12v. Headed to Bowral to find a motel near an auto electricians and - the bloody thing came good.
Pushed on to Sydney, found a motel nearish to the job and parked. Finished the job Monday, took the colleague by train, ferry and bus to see some of Sydney. Found an alternator online in Sydney.
Colleague says my guts really hurt, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of blood I’ve been pissing- WTF! Short story, got him on a flight back to Melbourne Tuesday, couldn’t get him to go to any Doctor other than his own. Bloke was willing to risk death rather than go to a strange Doctor.
Spent the afternoon driving around Western Sydney to get the Alternator, which took a long time to get because they rebuild them at a different site and don’t actually have any stock on hand…
Today was just spent on the Hume. No time for either detour.

And in the end - It was Kidney stones and undiagnosed Diabetes. And the Alternator was just carried as ballast, the original didn’t play up again.