Lithgow Model 1 Opinions

Has anyone here had a model 1 before?

I found one online apparently in decent nick, with working extractor and firing pin for $50 and I’m more than tempted to get it. Definitely going to inspect it in person first though.

I tried to find reviews online, but I couldn’t really find much on it, other than it used to be sold as Slazenger.

…and so it begins. Welcome.

@bentaz didn’t you have one?

I do mate, it was one of my dad’s rifles.
I don’t think I’ve ever shot it to be honest but the mod 12 I got it a ripper of a gun, so if the no.1 is half as good I’d be happy.

If you want a very basic, single shot .22 that shoots okay as a plinker, for $50, I’d say buy it.
The model 12’s are a huge improvement and if the bore is still good they shoot very well. Triggers are a bit iffy, but can be improved easily.

I think I’ll get it if it has an adjustable rear sight. Messing around with open sights on my Ruger was not fun.

I doubt the sights are adjustable for windage

Yeah. It was elevation only. Got some brass punches at home, so no biggie for windage.

Had a look at it today. Not very much rust of the barrel, and I liked the way it looked, so I bought it. Waiting for the PTA now.


Bit of info here on them…

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