Lithgow LA105 X-Ray (Woomera)

So I just watched a quick review on the new Lithgow LA105 Woomera ( and I must say, I am a little bit surprised.

Something the host mentioned, is a synthetic stock. Is that true? I am a big fan of synthetic stocks, however, in this case, I am just surprised. Both of the competitors, the Tikka T3x TAC and Ruger RPR play in the same price range and purpose (PRS style maybe?) and both come, as far as I know in alloy chassis. So I guess I am a bit disappointed at this. Especially for the price point and local made.


It has an alloy backbone and polymer skin.
All hardware mounts to a solid aluminium rail that then has the polymer forearm and stock bolted to it.

If i had the spare cash i’d buy it tomorrow without a 2nd thought

The Bravo and X-ray chassis is the same from the trigger guard forward. You can bolt an X ray buttstock to a Bravo fore end and vice versa.

Uh that’s better. I still would have thought all metal would be better. But this is better.

I like the look of Lithgow more, I’m not a fan of barrel shrouds that most other players have. Good start. Interesting what they are working on now.

Magnum calibre LA106 300WM and 338LM is the next one in the works

Be great fun in those bigger cartridges. But alas expensive to run and realistically I’m unlikely to ever , or very rarely , to shoot past the 550m available at Little River.
Felt like getting a 300wm a few times, but the ballistic advantages would be completely wasted on the things I would use it for.

Could try long range Sambar hunting, I guess.