LIST: Online Reloading Manuals (Free)

Below is a list of online reloading manuals and data, I have compiled this list to help you guys find info and loads. I however can not guarantee or endorse any of the load data contained in them as it is all out of my control, I therefor also accept no responsibility for the results of any of your reloads.

ADI Load Data
Probably the most commonly used load data in Australia seeing as they make the powder most of us use,

Hodgdons Reloading

Hornady Bullets
Load data for Hornady projectiles.

Barnes Bullets
Load data for Barnes projectiles.

Nosler Bullets
Load data for Nosler projectiles.

Alliant Powder
Load data for Alliant powders.

Accurate Powder
Load data for Accurate powder.

Vihtavuori Powder
Reloading data for Vihtavuori powder.

Handloads.Com Load Data

Federal Load Data
Load data using Federal components.

Norma Reloading Data

Blackhorn 209
Blackpowder reloading data for muzzle loaders and BP cartridges.

E. Arthur Brown & Co.
Reloading data for shooting Sabots.

Speer Bullets
Reloading data for Speer projectiles.

Lee Loader Data
Reloading data specifically for the Lee hand loading tools.

Berger Bullets Twist Rate Stability Calculator

Feel free to post anymore that you know of and I’ll edit them into the list.


Great List of stuff there.

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Great reference sources there DMC. Is there some way this can be archived or locked so we can refer to the list/topic easily in the future.



This category is the place where lists like this will be archived for future reference.
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