List of military/cadet 22LR trainers.

Just thought I’d start this thread, because there’s really not much info in one convenient spot online about 22LR training rifles used by worlds militaries.

Trainers I can think of:

…and many more.

Honorable mention:
310 Cadet, not a 22LR, but a trainer.

If you guys want to contribute to the list, it would be awesome. Who, what, used by?

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There is a Polish Mosin .22 trainer. Its called a WZ-48.

Here is a fairly comprehensive list.
Courtesy of the SSAA MRC.
The Norinco Jw-25 is also usually accepted as a fairly faithful reproduction of a Mauser trainer and allowed to compete.

BSA WOM .22 British pre WW1 Trainer.

Winchester Winder Musket, a 1885 Highwall in .22RF.
They are quite sought after to build competition .22’s on for .22BPCR silhouette game.
Apologies if it was in the list above.

I have had a couple of the TOZ 8 rifles they shoot extremely well!

My TOZ 17 shoots very well, but I don’t think they (17’s) were ever intended to be a trainer.

No toz 17s were not. TOZ 8 maybe different