LIST: Gun shows and militaria fairs

I love gun shows. Even when I’m not looking to add to my collection they are a great chance to meet up with other shooters / collectors for a chat, to kick some tyres and discover cool guns and bits n pieces you didn’t know about before.
I particularly like looking at all the cool old military flare guns and one of these days i’ll pony up and start adding them to my collection.
Like most things gun related it seems Victoria has a fair monopoly on gun shows.

Here’s a list in no particular order of some of the shows / fairs, If I miss some please add them to the list.

Bendigo, Vic

Ballarat, Vic
Eureka Arms & Militaria Fair

Sydney, NSW
Sydney Antique & Modern Arms and Collectables Expo

Toowoomba, QLD
Toowoomba Show & Fair

Melbourne, Vic
Melbourne Arms & Militaria Fair

Melbourne, Vic
Australian Arms Auction

Adelaide, SA
Adelaide Arms & Militaria Fair

Shepparton, Vic
Shepparton Militaria & Collectables Expo

My local rag had a good write up on the Ballarat arms and militaria fair.

Front page and all!

And a write up with no mention of school shootings in America.

Hi all, any suggestions what’s coming up in Vic ?

Shot Show in October.

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Altona show, 13th and 14th April
Then there is one in July and one in October, usually.

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Hi guys any updates on shows going on in Vic? I thought there was one planned for August.