Licenced gun owners in Victoria can volunteer on farms.


Licenced gun owners can volunteer on farm.

After making a commitment to the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia - SSAA National to raise this issue in state parliament, I am pleased to see that the SSAA has successfully lobbied Ag Vic for a sensible outcome.

Under COVID restrictions, licenced gun owners can volunteer to support local farmers to help protect stock losses during calving and lambing season without fear of breaking ‘stay at home’ rules.

I can confirm that a licenced gun owner may leave his/her home, travel to a farm to assist with day-to-day farm management activities. This includes controlling feral pests on that property, whether the work is paid or unpaid. Appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures should be implemented.

When parliament sits next Thursday 23rd, I will call on the Agriculture Minister to recognise the need for volunteers to access ammunition to control destructive animal pests and call on her to reverse the ban.

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I’m so hard right now!
Good work SSAA, I’ll give credit where credit is due

I wonder if the police will accept it as a valid reason for travel though? Great news for those already in the bush.

Well, one would assume that it’s implied…