Liberty Tree Collectors

Has anyone ordered non-gun items from Liberty Tree Collectors in the US or had dealings with them/heard anything about them?

They have a great selection of militaria/milsurp stuff for the Type 53 I’ve bought such as the Chinese specific pouches, oil/solvent bottle etc. I have collected some militaria for a few years and have never seen this stuff whilst shopping here in Australia so I don’t think its something I’m going to come across here.

Yep, bought a few things from them. Pretty straightforward to deal with.

Note: nothing over $100USD or they won’t ship it.

…other than that, really nice people and easy to deal with.

G’day Nomis,
Agree with juststarting, have dealt with them for years and always a good experience. Have slowed down a lot since the $100 limit came in, but still get things now and then, Cheers.

Same here, bought some bits and pieces.
You order, it arrives.
Pretty straight forward.