Liberal party spill

But who cares, here a pic of a giant shotgun instead.


That would come in handy at question time.

Cool, would love to have something like that hanging on the wall in the man cave… :sunglasses:

Was watching that Pawn Stars show tonight and seen two giant training cutaway gun, jobbies of similar scale…

Anyone else see them ?

:sunglasses: :beers:

We need this in our lives @GUN-DMC

Hell yeah, I’d love to know if its real? In 'merica anything is possible, could be 4 bore…

Probably a promotional mock up. I don’t think you’d be just casually standing there holding a functional gun of those proportions.

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Don’t wreak my dreams with your blasted logic!

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Bah hahahaha… sorry…

This one’s legit, lol, now the balance is restored!


:rofl: :beers:
Reckon ya would only shoot it once!! :beers:

You wo uhjld end up with bloody big arms trying to shoot it much more than once, lol!

Love to see what it shoots.

28mm BP.

That’s so awesome… :sunglasses::beers:

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I really expected to see it jump off that front rest. It must be loaded pretty tame to be able to be fired like that.

22 grams of BP I think it was stamped on the barrel.
It we could weigh a fair bit too I reckon!

You have a keen eye. On a second look yes it is stamped 22g BP so is that grams or grains not being a BP guy as yet and not knowing what sort of cartridge that would be?
22 grams is 339.5 grains

Based on the 28mm ball I’m tipping it’s 22grams

Yep. I doubt 22gn of BP would even get the 22mm bullet ti leave the cylinder.

Yeah my .64 smoothbore is stamped to take 75gn of bp.