Lever Release Centrefire Rifles

I’ve been interested in these bad boys ever since I got myself a Savage A22R. I find it a whole lot of fun to use, and am curious as to why there are no lever release centrefire rifles, especially a carbine in something like 9mm that could take glock style magazines. There is a manufacturer over in the UK, it’s just a shame there is no product similar over here. See below.


Yep, UK is mad keen on them. They are called MARS action or something similar… Why… Simple. Because appearance laws. What we need is local companies producing a few… Then again, very small market. Too many, ‘no body needs that’ fudds, which makes the market smaller. And on top of that - a price tag, which further reduces the market size. That’s why.

Personally, I’d love a couple!

It’s a shame really. Even a simple Ruger PC Carbine with a lever release would really tickle my fancy. It’s funny because the domestically made straight pull rifles, while nice, I can’t justify the price. But I think I might be inclined to with a style like this.

Dreams are free I suppose.


Nail on the head.

The Verney Carron is a gas operated lever release centre fire. The review on Ozzie reviews was not very good on the one he had at all however. At least for Accuracy and price/value.

It’s blow back, afaik, not gas operated. It’s too, shall we say, fancy. Pop it in a chassis or something tactical and I’d consider it. Also, the calibre choice… Not exactly a plinking gun.

That would be a whole bunch of fun! But I dont think its going to happen any time soon. Back to trying to find a Spanish Destroyer I guess.

Just for interest sake if we had carbines like these in the country what calibers would you go for apart from 9mm, I would love something I could twist the barrel off and a quick bolt change at home and go between the 9mm and 45ACP just me.

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Oh dude… 45ACP, 44MAG, 45-70 and 458Socom :slight_smile:

45-70 would be hectic lol I would also have one chambered for 7.62 tokarev, 9x39,
5.45x39, 50 Beowulf hehe

I need a moment to myself…


Fuck it, lever release 50bmg carbine

I know its not lever release, bit a modernised A2 stocked pump action like the 44 Mag Vulcan in rimless pistol calibers, using glock mags. 9mm & 45acp switch barrel. Locally made.

Minimum length and skeletonised everything…oooh.


@JizzFlinger ooh I like that idea, aren’t they basically a converted M1 carbine action! it would probably be pretty easy platform to work off.

When I grow up and become a gun maker I was thinking of something a little more rusticimage