Lever/button release centrefires

it’s happening


Bolt on forend and butt stock indicates the possibility of more tactical type furniture in future too. It’s far from the best looking gun I’ve seen but it’s not the ugliest either. I would certainly consider one

Finally, we are very excited to announce the approval of the long awaited Chimera PB-223 PUSH BUTTON Rifle. Available in black synthetic, 16" barrel, 1:7 twist, it takes an AR Style 10 shot magazine, and weighs 2.85kgs, it also features an extra picatinny rail on the forend.
The Chimera is a fantastic looking Rifle and with a RRP OF $1895 it offers exceptional value for money.
They will be available for viewing at your local dealer in approx 6 weeks.
Contact your local dealer to place your order.
For those in Victoria, we will have the Chimera PB-223 ON The Wild Deer Hunting & Outdoor Expo, in the BAW BAW Pavilion, stand 37 this coming weekend.

Well… Well, well, well!

I reckon they will be quite popular, hopefully others jump on the bandwagon too and some more calibre options come out.
Is 223 enough gun for clean kills on pigs?

Yeah, just switch to burst fire mode.

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I’ve ordered one of these, waiting for it to make it into Australia, expected within next 1-2 months apparently. Will post pics & review when I get my hands on it


I can’t wait to see how they go, so much cool shit coming out these days.
Adlergate was the best thing to happen to Australian gunning since John Howard died!

You now have a lot of guys that will be holding you to that Pictures and a review myself included. Hope it is on par with 515 or tacsorus. the others not so much. :grinning:


I am pretty excited about that one too. I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree, so I made a self imposed rule to downsize a bit before anything new comes into the stable. Usually I pre-order as well. Heaps of potential.

If it’s anything like Buckmark, I think it will be pretty good. Not super high end finish or anything, but will shoot fine and run well/reliably; and super fun for plinking. So we sit and we wait.

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Just an update to show I haven’t disappeared, but not great news.
Called up the dealer again, rifles still aren’t in Australia. Apparently this time waiting on a port permit to leave their country of origin.

In the time since ordering I’ve managed to finish up my NORIs, join a pistol club and apply for my provisional Cat H.

I wonder if I’ll get my first handgun or the PB-223 actually in my hands first.

Thanks good to know your still with us, dont be a stranger and post if you have anything of interest to spread.
Not such good news on the gun. I am waiting with baited breath to see the review. Would love to upgrade the rem 7615

Looks like ASA have stepped up. Better price, better features, better importer.

I’ll still stick to my Stockade preorder but considering it’s been a year, nice to finally see something about it.

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