Less time, more accuracy - explain this

So I’ve been monitoring my shooting, mainly because @Supaduke started shooting and I have to keep that c*nt inline. :smiley: Anyway, something I’ve been noticing…

From 10m, there are a couple of stages, 6 shots in 8 seconds; and then 6 shots in 4 seconds (combination of targets).

What I’ve noticed is that I get great results on 4 second stages, mostly 10s - instinctive shooting, just shoot on impulse if that makes sense. But when I get double the time, 8 seconds, I tend to do worse. Logic would suggest I have time to slow down, aim, do everything right and yet with less time, I seem to do a lot better.

Have you experienced something like this? Why? What could be causing me to do this?

We see this all the time in field rifle. Some people excel at the rapid fire offhand but when it comes to the slow fire offhand they don’t do so well. We put it down to natural instinct and not over thinking. In slow fire you keep waiting for the perfect shot but will sn*tch it.

I find the same thing and can’t really explain it, but I decided to put it down to muscle memory being better (or more efficient) at doing things than consciously trying.


Because your brain doesn’t have time to interfere with all its thinking and such. Muscle memory takes over and the body knows and the body does.

Similar phenomenon with golf shots. The best shots come with a clear mind and don’t even feel like you’ve hit the ball, just “swish”

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