Lee App press - anyone using it?

Does anyone use one and do you have any feedback? That is all :slight_smile:

I bought one last week but the Mrs took it off me and said I can’t have it until christmas day, so stay tuned. The plan is to print a bullet feeder and adapters for it for sizing cast projectiles.

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37 hours printing only 10 hours more to go.


Yeah I’d be interested in feedback on the APP also

Any progress on use?


I picked one up… I am pretty happy with it.

Keep in mind, I have a 650 for anything that requires serious volume and a single stage for whatever. So there’s a gap where I have vintage calibres that don’t go into 650 and I have a lot of them. This is where APP comes in.

Here I am feeding cases by hand, because these have a wide rim and I didn’t have a big enough tube on hand to make an adapter for a case feeder. Generally, it’d be fed from the case feeder on 650.

Here I am flaring case mouth. Something that would have taken me quite some time (200 cases), took a few minutes here.

I usually do seating and crimping in 2 separate operations, I don’t like doing it at the same time. Probably wrong, but I think there’s a lot more chances of shaving the bullet when roll-crimping and seating in one. anyway, I ran crimping operation on this, looked exactly the same. Very fast.

There are a bunch of videos online for reviews, so I am not going to go into detail, but here are some of my observations.

  • When it’s running - it’s running. Flawlessly.
  • It’s Lee - so cast and plastic fantastic. There’s a part (bottom left spring retention hook) that will break. I don’t see it not to. I’ll print an improved holder when or if it happens.
  • Adjustments take time, not like every time, but to figure it out and make it run - it took me a few goes. With that in mind, I actually mounted the entire shell guide (black part) assembly upside down, seems to work better.
  • This press rocks for sizing lots of rifle cases quickly.
  • If you cast - this will work amazingly well for sizing cast bullets. The red lid hanging at the bottom is a primer/bullet catcher. I just didn’t attach a bottle when I was using it.
  • Lots of mods for 3D printing enthusiast on Thingiverse.
  • It does need specific shell holders, which are like normal shell holders, but cut straight though so cases can enter and fall out. I bought a common set + couple more not so common for calibres I own. It covers pretty much any case.

Overall, Lee. I hve a special love-hate relationship with Lee, so I am a bit angry at them in general. Press is more or less plastic fantastic, some parts will break. Now for the good parts - for what it is, it saves me literally hours of effort, so I love it. Do recommend, would buy it again.


Awesomr i was thinking of one…thats as far as i have got. Im stock piling bullets, where i can right now