Leather work from the proceeds of a hunt.

I have been tanning the hides of some of my recent pest control actions and the skins have been waiting for that idea and motivation. I have thought about some moccasins but being a bogun I already had a bought pair that are pretty new. (wife bought them for me).
So I had promised the family a day at the snow this year and it all happened pretty quick with the decision being made middle of last week that last friday would be the day.
So Thursday afternoon I thought ok a pair of Kangaroo mittens would be good. so I got on the net and looked for patterns choosing a pretty simple one took some time looking at u tube vids (New internet plan 5 times more data) Now it was just before dinner time and I had some paper patterns cut out.
I set about cutting the leather from a pretty thick furred skin and set up the sewing machine. My sewing could have been better as sewing on the fur side was very hard to see where I was going. In the end I only made one. :rofl: .
It took some effort to turn it inside out but I got there in the end. I then applied the Jayel leather dressing liberally. The mitten was a very tight fit even though I allowed a bit more than the recommended allowance the sewing was a bit of the cause.

Anyway as it was a family day and everyone knows its a Dads rite to embarrass I wore I ski glove and one Kangaroo mitten. Well the comparative tests were amazing the mitten was just impervious to the wind (which was strong and cold) the ski glove was cold along all the joins. Then came the tobogganing test which meant using the mitten in the snow as a means of steering. The mitten took ages to get a slimy type of wet on the outside but remained completely dry and warm on the inside. Two sets of gloves on the other hand could not stand the same conditions.

So with a renewed enthusiasm due to the strength, durability and just warm and fit for the conditions. I am going to make a new pattern with more shape to allow for the wider part of your hand and more thumb relief and a wider cuff so it can be turned over. This time I will make two of them as well. :grinning:

That’s pretty cool (or should I say warm) makes me wonder what i might be able to do with my ugly goat skin.