Leaked Guntrader firearms data dumped online (UK)

Leaked Guntrader firearms data file shared. Worst case scenario? Criminals plot UK gun owners’ home addresses in Google Earth

WOW!! The repercussions of that could literally be life or death for innocent families.
Fuck’n lowlife piece of shit activist [email protected]!!


When you look at recent history of how many people have lost their lives in the U.K in co-ordinated terrorist attacks using cars and knives, makes you wonder where that will head next.
“But think of the poor defenceless bunnies”, I hear the animal activist retards cry.

How long before it happens over here???
We all know how good each states registers are.

We’re so safe over here it definitely won’t happen until at least next Tuesday. :grin:

You can just imagine it though, details get hacked and made public, crooks come to try to steal your guns and in an act of self defence you accidentally mess them up and end up charged & in court yourself with gun licence cancelled and put through hell because somehow now you’re the bad guy. :unamused:

I think the true comparison would be the hacking of Usedguns or OZ gunsales rather than a state registry. Probably not that a big of a challenge for a well educated hacker.

Can you imagine the outcry if the roles were reversed, someone hacked into one of these animal rights groups and published a list of their names, addresses, contact details and then told people to go and harass them?