Lead shot supplies

Okay, shout out to those that partake in loading shot shell. I’ve acquired a muzzle-loading shotty. Looking for where to get a shot supply from. #7.5 for the moment, it’s mostly for shits and giggles at M/L shoots.

You can still find the red 10kg tubs of shot knocking around in some of older LGS, but they are not common any more.


@danmac not sure if you saw this mate.

Yeah I just did, wondering why he’s calling it lead “balls” instead of shot?

I wondered that too. Maybe hes a non shooter who happens to have a bunch from som other source.
Ballast or something!

So not being a shotgun shooter by any stretch of the imagination, how does that compare with real “shot” sizing?

#9-12, so more like ratshot than birdshot.

Maybe you should make a Shot Dripper?