KRG Bravo to suit howa/wby short actions

Swapped my KRG for a McMillan so looking to move it on. $500 and whatever freight is.

Suits Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard short actions. Will work for 223 and 308 based cartridges provided you have an AI style mag to suit.

I might forget the 223 mag is in it also :wink:

Has action screws and all factory LOP spacers and screws. Has a standard sling swivel if you wanted to swap out the rail on the front.

Things not standard,

I have added a QD to the rear left side of the stock to get the sling more forward and down to give it a steeper angle for prone and move the sling away from my jaw. I’ve used a steel backing plate so it’s not directly into plastic. Visible in 3rd pic.

On the forend i opened up a couple of the mlok slots so i could fit the shallow QD to it. Should still hold any mlok accessories you want to fit in these locations. Visible in 2nd pic but there is also one on the left side of the forend where the mount currently is.

Will it accommodate a heavy barrel?

It will take straight taper, no worries.

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I might have to give that one some thought. :nerd_face::+1:

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I have one of these. For the money it’s a great stock if you are looking for a chassis system in a more traditional shaped stock.

This one is running a .308 Heavy Barrel.


Reckon I’ll grab it if it’s still available. Takes AI mags, yeah?

What’s estimated post to Tas?

Yeah, AI mags.

I’ll pm you

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It’s just like Christmas!

7mm-08 went from this:
Bodged up Boyd’s complete with cheek riser & ‘ergonomic pistol grip’

To this… complete with ‘high tech custom adjustable rear rest’ :joy:

Now to figure out how to add a bit of toe to the butt plate to fit my prone style…

Thanks Greg!


Only problem is my 308 AI mag isn’t quite locking in.
Anyone got suggestions before I start ‘making mods’?

You can mover the trigger guard around. you will see a little silver screw that holds it in place for when you tighten the action screw. Try sliding it forward or backward.

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Is it by much? I had to tighten it up for the accurate mag 5 round 223 mags.

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The mag release catch seems to be a touch long but I’ll have a look at what you’re suggesting :nerd_face::+1:

You can get this for the butt pad.

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I’d start my looking for a camel and asking nicely


I pay that! :rofl: