Knives and other sharp stuff

I want to see some of your knives, before guns, cars, and even girls, from a young kid i’ve always had a knife, whats your knife of choice?

My box of goodies and spares is above the ones i like don’t generally live in there

I use Havalon on deer. Surgical sharp, replaceable blades.

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@Bogong do you use a bone saw as well? Really struggled with the ribs last time

I’ve got one but hardly ever use it. I only cut the back straps, fillet and legs off. I use the gutless field dressing method.

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I’ve done rabbits that way works a treat!

@AusTac mate I think you need a few more opinels

I havent watched the vid as yet, but I know that there are a couple of very nice fillets on the inside but behind all the guts tucked up into the bone.

That’s correct. With a small sharp knife, you can get them out without needing to fully gut the animal.

They’re certainly there…the fillets. Just above the guts and behind the backbone.

Will those blades on a havalon last a whole animal? My mates s30v knife did a whole animal but suffered in the end ( although god knows how many animals its done before ) bloody hard steel, took me ages to sharpen

Yet to put those fillets we got on the bbq, but hearing you guys talk about it i’m keen :grin:

@GUN-DMC thats just whats on top… :joy: i went through a phase of modding them, staining different colours, polishing blades and what not some came out good, others not so much

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They will do two easily. Then just replace it.

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Good stuff, matching pair . I was thinking of doing the same for the cooks birthday in April so will have to send you a message around February to discuss it with you.