Just starting new hobby

OK some of you still visit EG as I do and might have seen this post…

troll post: https://enoughgun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11736

Has JS started a new hobby or is there something that he is not telling us?

Joke’s on them! It wasn’t my only pair of chopsticks. Muahahahahha.

Funny though, thought everyone would have forgotten about little’ol me, but turns out I’m a legend amongst the tin foil brigade.

They want you back lol. Must be missing you lots.

I’m a lovable guy. “the other forum”, thou shall not utter the name of all mighty out loud. Hehehe. Must be bleeding active members pretty bad.

Yes I had a giggle at that.

@GUN-DMC who was that numbty who wrote an essay to you, about her attachment issues?

Can’t remember the name and my account got deleted so I can’t check.
But that place has lost tons of good members over the years and a few shit ones too.

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Joining a knitting forum in your name takes it to a new level, you are now a living legend lol.
I think bentaz should join and post about your gun sock knitting

I know, right.

Should put in an order for one for your shotgun.

I thought we’ve discussed this, he likes his women like he likes his shotguns, I assume naked is part of it?


EG recently went through a crack down on the tin foil hat wearers. But they are like cockroaches. You kill one 20 take its place.

They asked for people to put in complaints about abusive posts. So I put in a complaint. Nothing no change when mods allow personal attacks and attacks against a whole class of shooters to try and take focus of the topic at hand the forum has lost the plot.


Yeah but clay target shooters have more skill than both F class and benchrest shooters lol. :pensive: :bowl_with_spoon::bowl_with_spoon:

That’s meant to be a stirring the pot sticker cause we don’t have the correct one. Admins falling down on the job again.

Wow I didn’t know that


@1Fatman I love your new signature on e.g., lol