Its shootin' time

Decided to put this in here because although it’s gun related it’s also a personal holiday so feel free to move if required,took a few hours to familiarize myself with these bad boys before the range day tomorrow, i gotta say the H&K feels sooo nice! Will be interesting using the p90 so foreign to use(upload://70gfqza7VrTN1zkifhjWMYa1IZt.jpeg)


also a small glock my mate CC’s ironically he gave it to me with a 40 round magazine :laughing:

Very jealous, hope you enjoy the day at the range.
Don’t fall too much in love with them or you will be very disappointed when you get back home :wink:

I say go for it. Come back all sad and give away your guns. I’ll grab everything, excluding shotguns. :slight_smile:

Very cool toys, very cool!

Have fun mate. I’ll take your shotguns :slight_smile:

Looks like a lot of fun. Being able to try out guns that you will never have the chance off in Aus. That Bull Pup certainly looks different. I am sure it would take some getting used to.

So went to the range today in Hawaii, had a blast literally and fuiguratively! Took mostly video but these are a few photos that my mates took, such a beautiful range to shoot, works exactly the same as home re the firing line and cease fires, except pretty much everything is braked so it gets noisy with semi’s popping off all over the place, off to the gun shops tomorrow to have a squizz, being sunday most were closed

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Looks great, guess the tropical climate helps :slight_smile: Is that an inactive volcano?

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Really nice shooting weather year around, possibly could be i didn’t ask, i know the range is in a crater though, was fairly marshy in some spots, the whole island is

The whole bloody place is a ticking time bomb ready to blow :grinning: Didnt think you could have a bad time looking at the assortment of guns you showed us in the previous post. Very envious.

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Mate, do yourself a favour and have a closer look at the volcano while you’re at it.