It's long and black and I want to wrap around it.

Should I? Dealer just landed a new batch…waiting on price…


Simple answer is ‘Yes!’


Most definitely.

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Not sure, i need to get another 357 Swan barrel for my Cadet project, as i had a massive brain fart, and sold my last one to @bentaz

Nothing wrong with my 357 barrel, so i discovered this morning…its just hates PPU factory ammo…primers are play dough! Loves my warm to hot reloads though!

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Just looked at the price tag… For that amount of money, I would get a CZ 515 American, actually cheaper. It’s a superior rifle in every way (btw I have both, so something to compare), literally, in every way, from speed and accuracy to takedown for cleaning. Of course, as always, I wholeheartedly advocate for getting both :slight_smile:


Look you just can’t advocate getting both on a nationwide forum when citizens of the United Soviet State of McGowan have to prove a genuine reason and a genuine need for each.

Terribly sorry Sir.

Come on mate, the borders are open now. If you still live in the Soviet socialist republic of Western Australia is coz deep down you like being treated like a naughty little boy who needs his bot bot smacked!
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It’s not that bad. They didn’t take my fingerprints for cat h…


Is WA the only state where you need to justify Cat A?

Good morning Kulak

With respect to your firearm application, we require some additional information from you to support your application.

Your licence shows you are currently licensed to a 22LONG RIFLE Bolt Repeater and 12G Shotgun Bolt Repeater. Please provide a written detailed explanation to justify the need for the additional Category 22LONG RIFLE and 12G Shotgun and why the firearms currently licensed to you would not be suitable for the purpose required?

Many thanks

Kind Regards

Yeah probably

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