It's all about the looks!

Using up the last of my lower powered vintage scopes I got… Weaver 1-3. Thoughts (scoped or not)? I am not sure, but I think I like it a lot more with than without.

If it HAS to have a scope then that’s probably the right one for it, but those Timberwolves are just soooo purdy as they are i think it’s a shame to mess with them.

Get it off of there


It’s a 22 :slight_smile:

My bad i thought it was a Timberwolf.
So seeing as it’s just a dirty old 22 you should go full Frankenstein tacticool abortion on it like what @JizzFlinger did to that poor lever gun :laughing:

TBH i’d just leave it without the scope then.

Yeah, it’s a test fit for now, so I am deciding. I suspect it will get a skinner sight in its future.

Looks way too high for proper cheek weld,but it would suit that rifle otherwise


Yeah it looks like some scoped Martinis with the original buttstock …useless really…

Depends what you’re using it for!
Plinking? Fuck the scope right off!
Small Game? Perfect scope!

Cowboys gone modern

It’s a safe queen… It knows no dirt or lemonade! Plinking only.

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Okies, I am seeing a consensus here, that you lot have no fashion or style! BUT! I will bow to peer pressure on this occasion. Because I have one scope like this left and two plans.

One scope-two plans hrmmm

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